Columbus Memorial Day weekend forecast begins with a chill


Thursday was the first day in the last 10 days that 80 ° or more was not reached, which however stayed slightly above normal for temperatures, but a weather system is moving in from the west towards Friday. This will bring rain and bring some big changes in time for the weekend.


We have a low that will appear in our region on Friday. This will create showers and some storms, especially in the southeastern part of the state. Temperatures will be about half a dozen below normal on Friday with on / off showers and storms.

Later in the day on Friday the storm probabilities will decrease and the winds will turn in a more northerly direction on the back of this low. This will bring temperatures down into the 60s later on Friday.

The disruption will be slow on Saturday, and since we are in our east, we will see a brisk northern river on Saturday with very cool temperatures nearly a dozen and a half below normal, with scattered rain showers expected and windy ones on Saturday Conditions prevail. We’re not going to be in record territory, but it will be cool, with temperatures barely 60, with the 50s expected to peak in the north.

Saturday night the disturbance will drain east and the sky will clear with lows in the middle to the upper 40s, again no records but cool. On Sunday the sky becomes clearer, there is more sunshine, but temperatures are close to 10 below normal, close to 70.

For Memorial Day Monday, expect another brisk start to the day with temperatures approaching 50 a.m. and a climb into the mid-70s with lots of sunshine on Monday. It should be good weather for plans outdoors on Monday.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen on Sunday and Monday, even in cool temperatures the sun is shining at this time of the year. In fact, the UV index values ​​move in the high to very high range from late morning to late afternoon, so sun protection is a must!