Columbus Junction Council Units June Public Listening to For Infrastructure Upgrades | KCII Radio


Columbus Junction Council sets public hearing on infrastructure upgrades in June | KCII Radio – The one you can count on

Columbus Junction City Council will hold a public hearing on June 9th on plans and offers to upgrade the city’s sewer system. The cause of this problem dates back to 2016 when the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) informed the city that the infrastructure needed upgrading because it did not meet drainage standards. Talks between city officials and the DNR resulted in the decision to extend a drain pipe from the Finishing Lagoon to the Iowa River. To complete this project, the city needs to install UV disinfection equipment to kill bacteria in the drain. Plans that will be reviewed on June 9th include this equipment. Tenders will also open prior to the hearing with possible procurement during that session. The project is advertised as a lump sum and should be completed by the beginning of 2022.


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