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Cleveland surveillance video exhibits moments main as much as Shaker Heights highschool scholar’s homicide


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A family was heartbroken in the courtroom on Wednesday when they faced their brother’s killers.

“To hear during the trial that my brother died of a hinge factor affecting his breathing is more than I can bear,” his sister said.

Ramses Hurley, a former Shaker Heights High School student, was shot and then thrown from a moving car in a robbery that led to murder in June 2019.

A judge sentenced Desmond Duncan and Jaidee Miree to life imprisonment.

Hurley hit his head open as the suspects pushed and dragged him out of a car.

All of this was captured by surveillance cameras.

19 Investigators received an exclusive video from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office showing the moments leading up to Hurley’s murder.

It happened on South Moreland Boulevard in Cleveland’s Buckeye Shaker neighborhood.

A surveillance camera from a building shows the suspect’s car driving down the street.

About 30 seconds later you can see a different camera angle with his parked car.

A little more than a minute passed and Hurley approached the suspect’s car, got in, and they drove away.

From the first surveillance camera you can see the car driving by again.

Police said the suspects pulled a gun and shot Hurley.

The video shows the driver’s door opening and the car accelerating. And suddenly the victim is pushed out of the moving car.

This part cannot be seen on the video material we received.

The suspects left Ramses Hurley to die on the street.

He was later taken to a hospital in an ambulance, where he died.

“They know what’s going on, brother, they know I have nothing to do with nothing, know what I mean,” Desmond Duncan, one of the convicted murderers, said on the phone shortly after his arrest from prison.

19 investigators received some of his taped conversations with family members.

He denied his involvement in Hurley’s murder.

“I can’t make a phone call. But I didn’t kill anyone, I can tell you, ”he said.

This type of evidence helped prosecutors build their case and achieve a conviction.

A third suspect, 20-year-old Trinity Campbell, will be next convicted in this case.

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