Cincinnati salt vans working in a single day to clear snowy streets


CINCINNATI – The snow fell quickly and choppily on Thursday evening, filling back streets and highways with frozen flakes, making the roads dangerous for drivers.

“We ask for your patience,” said Jarrod Bolden, superintendent of traffic and road traffic for Cincinnati.

This is exactly what the drivers had to practice all over the city when, just in time for the evening commute, layers of snow fell into heavy blankets and left the streets impassable.

“It’s very difficult for us to move,” said Bolden. “Obviously there are more cars on the road during rush hour.”

He said it was not a lack of preparation on the part of the city but bad luck that ultimately growled the city streets.

“I think it’s a combination of timing and the speed at which the snow fell,” said Bolden. “Snow fell pretty quickly.”

The city is adjusting its approach as conditions change over the week.

“With cold temperatures like tonight and paved freezing temperatures that are expected to be below freezing most of the night, we use calcium chloride with our salt to be a bit more effective,” said Bolden.

Drivers who are still affected by heavy snowfall should see improvements soon.

“We have our crews,” said Bolden. “They’ll work 12 hours overnight to get to the main thoroughfares first before we move into our homes.”

Road crews are asking people to stay home if possible, use off-road parking, and give way to trucks so the crews can get road conditions back to normal as soon as possible.