Cincinnati Reds designate Cam Bedrosian for task


The Cincinnati Reds have chosen right-handed Cam Bedrosian for the job. The move came in response to a need to have a spot on the list for Sonny Gray, which was officially activated ahead of today’s game against Cleveland that Gray will start.

On the way to spring training, Cam Bedrosian had a minor league deal with an invitation to big league camp. He was impressive at Goodyear at times. He posed in eight games and scored a 4.15 ERA in 8.2 innings while allowing three hits – all home runs – and three batters. He also knocked out 16 of the 32 thugs he faced.

This success did not come from Cincinnati. Cam Bedrosian had big problems in his six games with the Reds in the first two weeks of the year. He threw 5.2 innings, allowed 10 hits, two home runs, went six batters, hit seven and posted an ERA of 11.12. He allowed at least one earned run in four of his six appearances, and in one of the games he didn’t allow a earned run, he allowed an inherited runner to score a goal. There was also a second game in which he allowed an inherited runner to score. Fortunately, he did not have a direct impact on the team’s losses in its performances. He lost three games, but in one of those games he didn’t allow a run and in the other two the Reds lost 11-6 and 7-0, while allowing only one run in each game.

It is possible for him to pick up waivers and stay with the organization. But given his tenure, he could override waivers and still opt for a free agency if he so chose.

The activation of Sonny Gray is the best news for Cincinnati. They add a top-end pitcher in the league to their rotation on a team that comes first.

Cam Bedrosian

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