Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates – September 14, 2021


The Cincinnati Reds (75-69) haven’t played their best baseball, but the Reds took sole ownership of the NL’s second wildcard place yesterday when the Padres lost 9-1 to the Giants yesterday. The Reds now determine their own fate half a game ahead in a crowded race. The magic number of the reds is 19.

The Reds finally made it to the Pittsburgh Pirates (52-91). The two teams will begin the first of nine remaining games in 2021 (50% of the Reds finals of 18 games) tonight at 6:35 p.m. at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The Reds are 9-1 against the Pirates this season. The Reds are 12-1 against the Pirates, which go back to the last series of 2020.

The Pirates have won back-to-back series (Tigers and Nationals) but since the close of trading they are 12-27. The Pirates are 1-6-1 in their 8-series post-trade deadline against teams over .500. They are 30-59 total against teams over .500 in the season.

Starting jugs

The 2021 Wade Miley Show rolls to Pittsburgh. He was absolutely dominant on his last start at Wrigley Field: 7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 8 K. Miley has not allowed a run in 13.0 innings against the Pirates this season. Miley has a street ERA of 2.91 this season.

Nothing scares Reds fans more than a sub-par, soft-throwing left-handed mug. That’s exactly what they’ll get tonight Dillon Peters. He was awarded the DFA by the Angels of the Angels that spring, was promoted to AAA, and joined the Pirates in the middle of the season. He has played in the major leagues every year since 2017 (just 1.2 innings in 2020) but has a career of 5.53 ERA / 5.56 FIP in 151.1 innings. He’s never played the Reds before.

Peters wasn’t good for the Angels AAA team (4.35 ERA / 6.38 FIP in 8 starts) before trading. Whatever the reason, that has changed in the Pirates organization so far. He only allowed 2 ER in his 2 starts with the Pirates AAA team before he was called up. He made 4 starts for the Pirates and overall it went well. He has only allowed 1 home run in 18.2 innings. However, he has not thrown more than 78 pitches in the game.

Starting grid

Bryan Reynolds (140 wRC +) is the guy you clearly don’t want to be hit by. He’s one of the best hitters in baseball and the only proven Pirates hitter. Yoshi Tsutsugo is the other player to watch out for. ZiPS only predicts it has 105 wRC + but it has hit .279 / .375 / .721 in 72 PA since the Pirates acquired it.

Kyle Bauer returns to the Reds line-up. This is the second time in Farmer’s career that he is runner-up (the other was on August 14th of this season). Farmer beats .266 / .317 / .500 against LHP this season.

News and notices

Jesse Winker will start a rehab session tonight

The Cincinnati Reds sent outfielder Jesse Winker on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville tonight joining the bats in Memphis.

David Bell said Jose Barrero will continue to work on the outfield ahead of the game but he plans to find more infield starts for him. # Shades of red

– Bobby Nightengale (@nightengalejr) September 14, 2021


It’s time to leave. All year long, we’ve been waiting for these nine remaining games against the Pirates as the Reds’ safety blanket. Not only are the Pirates a bad team, they also have one of the worst squads you will ever see in a major league baseball game right now. The Reds are unlikely to go 9-0 in these games, but they must win the majority. Hopefully it starts tonight.

It’s easy to get frustrated and disappointed with the Reds’ recent game. I understand and feel that for sure, but it’s important to remember that the Reds have won 10 games on the Padres in the table in the last 10 weeks. Getting the Reds back on the hunt was a remarkable turnaround. For most of my life, the Reds were very far from any type of hunt at this time of year. Hopefully they can finish the job. Go reds!