Trying on the 2021 Cleveland Browns offensive line


Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns O-Line went from a weakness to a strength

Perhaps the most improved unit for that Cleveland Browns in 2020 was the offensive line. With a huge improvement in passport protection Baker Mayfield was much more comfortable in the pocket and had a tremendous season that led the Browns to their first playoff win since 1994.

General manager Andrew Berry set the tone early on when he signed a three-year deal with Jack Conklin, the best free agent right-back. He then designed a device with the No. 10 overall selection in the design in Jedrick Wills of Alabama. Both were huge additions to the team and cemented an already strong inside line.

The Browns appear to be in good shape for 2021, but there are still a few questions that may need to be answered.

Secondary reserves

Blake Hance, Michael Dunn, Alex Taylor, and Drake Dorbeck would be between eight and eleven lineman on the depth map. Due to some injuries, Dunn and Hance both had the opportunity to keep watch and attack. While it was a scary thought as a fan to see her out on the field, they both performed very well in Week 17 and in the first-round playoff game, both against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Both Hance and Dunn are under contract through the end of 2021 and will likely be good targets to re-sign them as backups at the right price. If the Browns can keep Bill Callahan on board as their offensive line coach, both players could become starting guards or huge supporters for the Cleveland Browns.

Neither of these guys is likely to be a true differentiator, but you can never have enough talent on the offensive, and Callahan is the perfect groomer for them.