Cincinnati ranked as high place to stay in Ohio, nation


US News & World Report Cincinnati is ranked the No. 1 city in Ohio for 2021-22 – but the awards don’t stop there.

Out of 150 cities across the country, Cincinnati was ranked as follows:

So what is there to love?

The scorecard took into account attractiveness, value, labor market, quality of life and net migration. Jessica Esemplare, the Cincinnati expert and author of the project, has listed all the things that make this city so liveable.

“Cincinnati is hardly a place that is all work and no play,” she writes. “Locals love a good party, be it on the first day of the baseball season or in honor of the city’s German heritage. Even if the calendar of events is empty, the residents have many opportunities to keep themselves busy, from visiting museums to noshing on the region’s famous chilli. ”

Here are some takeaways:

So much to do

Museums, professional sports, gastronomy and chilli … where do you start?

The city scores with its family-friendliness with places like the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Newport Aquarium.

“The Cincinnatians are also loyal to their football and baseball teams, the Bengals and the Reds, respectively, and there is a friendly rivalry between the Xavier University and University of Cincinnati teams,” writes Copies.

The ranking also praised the city for its rich entertainment offering, citing the Riverbend Music Center and the historic Music Hall as well as its commitment to German heritage.

Cost of living

Copies writes, “Cincinnati is relatively affordable compared to other major metropolitan areas, especially the coastal areas. Cincinnati home prices are among the highest in Ohio, although below the national average. Daily expenses, such as groceries and transportation, are also here lower than the national average. “

Ready to learn

Copies also noted that families are drawn to Cincinnati for its “excellent” public and private education.

US News and World Report finds 66 schools in the Cincinnati area are on their list Top high school rankings, including Walnut Hills, Wyoming and Madeira. And according to his number crunchers, Cincinnati high schools have one higher university entrance qualification read than others in cities of similar size.

And on his ranking of best universities Across the country, the University of Cincinnati has been recognized for its remarkable alumni and after-school opportunities.

Let’s go to work

US News and World Reports research shows that the labor market in Cincinnati is healthier than in other cities of similar size.

Fortune 500 companies in the area like Kroger and Procter & Gamble often steal the show. But Esemplare bragged about its 40+ branch library system as a major employer for office, tech, and service positions.