Cincinnati, Columbus named finest cities for brand spanking new school graduates


Cincinnati is one of the best places to go to college for new graduates, according to a new ranking Smart asset.

Smart asset ranked the best cities for the 2021 graduate class, and Cincinnati and Columbus took the top two spots. Lexington and Louisville are also in the top 10.

Jobs, affordability and fun were included in the ranking in 106 largest US cities.

Cincinnati took first place overall, ranking seventh for affordability and third for fun, according to Smart Asset.

“This city has the eighth lowest median monthly rent ($ 660) and the twelfth lowest cost of living ($ 19,713). Cincinnati also has the seventh best Yelp bar scores (3.98). And while not that high, the Queen City still ranks 26th in the job rating, a top quartile result, “said Smart Asset.

As for Columbus, which was ranked # 2, the city had the ninth highest restaurant yelp score and the eleventh highest bar yelp score.

“Columbus ranks 18th in employment ratings and 25th in relatively low unemployment in January 2021 (5.6%),” said Smart Asset.

Louisville, ranked # 10, had the highest Yelp ratings for both bars and restaurants in this study.

Best cities for new college graduates

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Columbus
  3. Milwaukee
  4. St. Louis
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Lexington
  7. Madison
  8. Indianapolis
  9. Nashville
  10. Lousiville