Chilly this week? Sure, however not fairly as unhealthy as anticipated: Cleveland, Akron forecast


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Time to break out the various descriptions of cold weather: snappy, tense, chilly, biting, tough, tense …

Oh wait, we’ve used this before. Anyway, you may have heard the rumor that it will be cold this week.

It might not be quite as bad as first predicted. Earlier predictions included night lows around zero and lower this week. Currently, the lowest forecast temperature is 5 degrees (excluding the chills). So good news!

Nevertheless, it will be quick (there is another one). It starts on Monday morning when temperatures are expected to be 8 a.m. in Cleveland and 8 a.m. in Akron, 9 degrees. In the cold wind it feels like 5 degrees in Cleveland and 3 degrees in Akron.

It will eventually warm up into the lower to mid 20s with mostly cloudy skies. Overnight lows remain around 20 degrees in Cleveland and Akron, and snow showers are expected with an accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday should be one of the warmest days of the week as the highs will be in the top 20s. Snow showers are possible for much of the day, but only about half an inch of accumulation is expected.

Temperatures will drop again on Tuesday night, dropping to the low teens. The highs on Wednesday are between the mid and mid 20s and there is again the possibility of snow showers. Less than half an inch is expected in Cleveland, and it can drop as much as 1 inch in Akron.

The highs will again reach the upper 20s on Thursday, snow showers are possible again. The highs will be in the mid to upper 20s on Friday with mostly cloudy skies.

The colder air arrives Friday night when the lows drop to around 12 degrees in Cleveland and 11 degrees in Akron. The highs on Saturday are around 20 degrees, the overnight lows are around 5 degrees in Akron and 6 degrees in Cleveland.

Sunday doesn’t get too warm as the highs remain in mid-teens.

Monday sunrise: 7:30 a.m.

Sunset: 5:52 pm