WATCH NOW: Columbus’ public educators get COVID-19 vaccines | Native


Vaccination Clinic

Chairs line one of Columbus Middle School’s gyms. A clinic was held there that weekend to take advantage of the extra doses received by the East Central District Health Department.

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According to Loeffelholz, about 72% of employees wanted the vaccine.

Lakeview Community Schools also had the opportunity to get the vaccine on Sunday. Lakeview will have its own vaccination clinic on Friday.

Steve Borer, Lakeview Jr.’s high principal, received his shot on Sunday. Borer received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is only one dose.

“I don’t have any extravagant plans (after I get the vaccine),” added Borer. “I’m just coming to work.”

The past year has been a struggle, he noted, but Borer praised students and staff for how they handled it.

Like CPS, Lakeview faced the challenge of the November COVID-19 summit.

“I would say there was always the unknown,” said Borer. “You didn’t know, did we have to close again? Or you didn’t know if it was going to get any worse. “

Now the vaccinations are a source of hope, he said.

“People are excited that things can get more normal in the near future,” added Borer.

Less than a year after the Columbus Schools announced plans to close and move to distance learning …

This week, every day is the anniversary of at least one event that shook the collective normality of society.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the NBA was suspended, and Tom Hanks announced that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. That comes from the New York Times, an NBA press release, and the Washington Post.