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Shipping is now offering some of our best subscriber-only stories. This is exclusive content that our employees have invested a lot of time in and we believe it is worth taking a premium for it.

Subscriber-only stories include investigative stories, political commentary, sports analysis, restaurant reviews, and other content unique to The Dispatch.

From the editor:Why The Dispatch makes some of its best stories exclusively for subscribers

Recent examples include immersion in Philanthropic Deficits in Appalachian Ohio, Analysis of the governor’s most recent school funding budget, A look at the history of Tee Jaye’s neon sign in Clintonville, early predictions about the Ohio State soccer list and an investigation into the development of sports trading cards.

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Views of The Dispatch's redesigned mobile app with lots of new features

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You can be informed about the most important news via our main app Columbus Dispatch. Turn on breaking news notifications under Settings & Notifications to get the biggest news.

It’s still being rolled out, but soon you’ll be able to choose subcategories of push notifications that you want to receive.

Introduction to the app:Columbus Dispatch’s new app offers readers a better, more personalized experience

The breaking news notifications ensure you won’t miss a shot, whether or not it is the outcome of the game in the Ohio state Details of an Amber Alert that just went off.

We’ll be reporting live on the biggest news in Central Ohio and beyond. With breaking news push notifications and a shipping subscription, you can make sure you get everything.

Night mode, offline reading, and notification settings are all available in the Shipping app's settings menu

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From the editor:The new dispatch app brings you messages faster and more individually

Here are just a few examples of how you can customize your experience:

  • Give your eyes a break in night mode. You can also adjust the size of the text to suit your needs.
  • When you’re busy, the app’s Popular tab is created for you. You’ll find 20 of’s most read stories in the past 24 hours.
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The orange neon Columbus shipping sign sticks out over downtown Columbus, Ohio.

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More: From the editor: Journalism is important; Thank you for supporting our work

From the editor:Journalism is important; Thank you for supporting our work

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