Mike Pachelli, who wrote ‘Cling In There Youngstown,’ displays on profitable profession


Mike Pachelli, who now has 20 of his own albums, grew up on the west side of Youngstown

by: Stan Boney

Posted: May 14, 2021 / 10:25 PM EDT
Updated: May 14, 2021 / 10:25 p.m. EDT


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – First news anchor / reporter Stan Boney first met Mike Pachelli in 1982 when Boney was hired to write a story about how a song is made. It was Pachelli who wrote and produced “Hang In There Youngstown” so that Boney could sing.

Since then, Pachelli has been making music all over the world – a hometown boy who did a good job.

“Hold on, Youngstown, because better days are ahead …”

“Hang In There Youngstown” was written in three hours and recorded in one night.

“You did a great job, it was a lot of fun. What a great thing that was. Thank you for this opportunity, ”said Pachelli.

Earlier this week, Pachelli and Boney teamed up again – Boney in Youngstown and Pachelli in a completely different time zone.

“So I’m speaking to you from a studio in the south of France two minutes from the French Riviera,” Pachelli said.

Pachelli lives here now. From his balcony you have a view of the Mediterranean Sea – the reward for a very successful career in music.

“I was lucky, I worked hard. We were able to pay for this house in cash. I don’t have any bills. I’m lucky that way, ”said Pachelli.

Pachelli grew up on the west side of Youngstown, took his first guitar lesson at Strouss Music Center, and later made $ 100 a night in Youngstown’s then bustling nightclub scene. He did more than his father, who was a janitor at US Steel.

“I think Youngstown showed me the possibility that if you work hard and master your craft, you will be successful,” said Pachelli.

From Youngstown, Pachelli lived in New York, Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles and Nashville, where he was six doors away from his friend and guitar legend Phil Keaggy of Weststown.

He played in bands and was in recording sessions. It has also been featured on records, commercials, and concerts.

“I mean, I was written as a renaissance musician, kind of a renaissance man. I’ve always tried to reinvent myself, ”said Pachelli.

He has also recorded 20 of his own albums, most recently an instrumental version of the Beatles’ songs.

Pachelli closed the interview with his portrayal of “Hang In There Youngstown”.

“Hold on, Youngstown, hold on, Youngstown, hold on, Youngstown, you will always be mine …”

“Thank you Youngstown for everything you’ve done for me. I love you, ”said Pachelli.

Pachelli’s latest album is titled “Beatles On Guitar”. You can buy it and its other CDs or downloads on its website, www.MikePachelli.com.

He says he would appreciate people buying there because if they are being sold anywhere else he says, “They just steal your bag.”