Guide recommends Cleveland begin over to repair defunct recycling program


CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I team uncovered a new report telling Cleveland City Hall to fix the issue System for collecting Recycling start over.

Last year the city started to land all recycling in a landfill I team Investigation revealed it.

City council is calling for action pending consultation report on Cleveland’s failed recycling program

Now we’ve reviewed a draft report put together by a consultant hired by Cleveland City officials to review the recycling program. City officials hired the consultant to work at up to $ 205 an hour.

In the report, the advisor said the city should “reset and rebuild”.

The consultant concluded that there are many ways to do this. That includes collecting recycling every week or every other week. Another option is to collect it only from people who want to join the program or from people who bring their recycling to drop off points.

We met Radu Nica in West Park and took in his trash can. We were wondering how long it would be before the system was fixed.

“And they kind of dragged their feet. I would like to see a plan and just some dates on the plan as to when things will be going again, ”said Nica.

The report also includes survey results. The polls show that people of Cleveland want their recycling to be picked up every week, that they don’t have to drive to drop it off, and that some people would be willing to pay more for recycling. But just a little more.

The I-Team has been uncovering issues with the city’s recycling program for almost two years. Now the advisor’s report has finally returned calling for more talks about what to do next and how.

“We have to hit the reset button for several reasons,” said Anthony Brancatelli, Cleveland city councilor.

The city council has raised tough questions, particularly about the city spending money on separate crews to do the recycling, even if it ends up in a landfill with the trash.

Brancatelli said he wants the advisor to highlight the best moves. Not just what could be done.

I-TEAM: This is how much Clevelanders pay to recycle it to land in the landfill

“I’m assuming the advisor will come back and say, ‘This is our recommended approach that is specific to Cleveland.’ That was the whole explanation of the study that was done for us, ”he said.

We asked Mayor Frank Jackson’s office for a comment. As a result of the new report, what will the city do and when will action be taken? We hadn’t heard anything back until late Tuesday afternoon.

Taxpayers paid to have the recycling taken to a landfill with trash. You paid to give the town hall advice. Now the I-Team will be watching which new recycling program you get for your money.

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