10 eating places in Cleveland’s Little Italy & College Heights


There is a lot of history in the restaurants on the east side of Cleveland.

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio – Little Italy is synonymous with Cleveland than (probably) ours Sports teamsand serve some of the best food and hospitality for hundreds of years.

Add the newer one Restaurants Now fill up University Heights and you can take the foodie tour of the east side of Cleveland. Although the Covid-19 pandemic Some of these restaurants opened more than 100 years ago during a similar pandemic so they are tough. But they can’t survive without you, and that’s why University Heights and Little Italy are our main attractions Save our sauce Neighborhood this week. Check out one of the 10 restaurants listed below!

Fluffy Duck: 10001 Chester Avenue

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The Fluffy Duck is located on the ground floor of the Innova Apartments building right next to the Cleveland Clinic campus and within walking distance of droves of thirsty, hungry commuters. The main attraction: artisanal baked goods, including flaky croissants, muffins, cookies, scones, and baguettes. In addition to these dreamy advantages, first-class coffee beverages in the morning and high-quality sandwiches at lunchtime.

Get a pastry today and give it a try. Here.

Guarino’s: 12309 Mayfield Road

Founded in 1918, this Little Italy legend is one of the longest running restaurants in Cleveland. To survive that long you have to do something right, and here it means comforting Italian staples like pizza, pasta, and meatier home favorites. In summer, guests can enjoy dishes such as lasagna, manicotti, chicken parmesan and veal saltimbocca on the secluded garden terrace.

Show full menu, Here.

Home Bistro: 12022 Mayfield Road 1st Floor

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For 15 years, the Chicago-based Home Bistro has improved the lives of those living nearby. But when the owners Victor Morenz and Emily Gilbert moved to Cleveland, so did their beloved restaurant. Now Little Italy benefits from the versatile creativity of head chef Morenz in the kitchen and from Gilbert’s friendly hospitality. An old shop area has been completely redesigned, including sheet metal ceilings, attractive lighting and a brand new bar and lounge.

Check everything on theirs website.

Mama Santa’s: 12301 Mayfield Road

Mama Santa hardly needs any introduction. This family-run pizzeria has been an anchor of Little Italy for 60 years. Generations of fans don’t come for flashy surroundings or creative cocktails, but for old-school Italian-American classics like rigatoni and meatballs, eggplant parmesan and veal scallops. But above all, it’s the thick, crispy, cheesy pizza that haunts every visitor’s dreams.

See everything on their menu Here.

Phusion: 11611 Euclid Avenue

This small but fine restaurant delights fans of Taiwanese food thanks to a long selection of street food, noodle and rice bowls as well as bubble and milk teas. Snacking “Night Market” items range from crispy popcorn chicken to chewy spring onion pancakes. Don’t skip the peddler’s noodles, lamb stew with rice, and braised pork belly on noodles with pickled vegetables.

Urban Kitchen: 9751 Chester Avenue

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Far from a cookie cutter, this bright and cheerful Cleveland Clinic cafe provides a seamless transition from breakfast lunch to deli-style lunch. First-class pancakes, waffles and omelets are topped off in the morning, followed by soups, salads, wraps and sandwiches at lunchtime. And then there’s a dinner that combines Mediterranean appetizers such as herb-crusted salmon with Egyptian specialties such as molokhia.

You can view everything Here.

Nora: 2181 Murray Hill Road

When you picture the classic bistro Little Italy, you probably picture a place like Nora. This stately brick building has always been home to charming Italian restaurants, and Nora continues that tradition. Come for luscious pasta with fresh, homemade noodles, hearty sauces and high-quality meat. Nora has one of the best Italian wine lists and pairs it with one of the nicest dining rooms to enjoy.

Falafel Cafe: 11454 Uptown Avenue

For 20 years, the Falafel Café has been a trusted go-to for fresh, healthy Middle Eastern food in University Circle. The restaurant closed shortly after losing its longtime home, but thanks to the determination of wife and co-founder Mae Elassal, it has reopened in a nearby location where it offers the same great selection of soups, salads, pita sandwiches, and vegan dishes and desserts .

Check out everything on their menu, right Here.

Maxi: 12113 Mayfield Road

We all have our favorite spots in Little Italy, and for many people this place is and will remain Maxis. A meal could be made from the legs of the frogs and the snail alone, both of which are gloriously soaked in garlic, butter and parsley. The cozy bar / dining room feels deliciously like “Old New York”, a lively cave where happy hour always leads to dinner that evolves into cocktails and coffee after dinner.

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Etna: 11919 Mayfield Road

When it’s time to celebrate a special occasion, Mount Etna is always the right choice. Intimate, sophisticated, and dimly lit, this classic white tablecloth restaurant makes even weekday meals feel extraordinary. Etna is known for everything it does, but most of all for seafood, which is featured as a waiter on a long list of nightly specials. No meal is complete without an order for tiramisu.

Check out all of their delicious desserts and seafood, Here.