Youngstown teams look to conduct highway research on Glenwood Avenue


Some groups wish to examine part of this path for possible improvements

by: Jacob Thompson

Posted on Jan 31, 2021/04:34 PM EST
Updated: Jan 31, 2021 / 11:40 PM EST

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Glenwood Avenue has heavy daily traffic, stretching from Western Reserve Road to Youngstown Mahoning Avenue.

Some groups wish to examine part of this trail for possible improvements, but first require approval from the Youngstown City Counsel.

Every day drivers drive down Glenwood Avenue, which wears down the streets.

Therefore, the City of Youngstown, together with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC), is trying to check this street.

“There will be a corridor survey to identify areas of pedestrian hazards and safety issues,” said Chuck Shasho, assistant director of public works.

“Looking ahead to public transportation, bus infrastructure and perhaps cycling,” said Ian Beniston, Executive Director of YNDC.

The plan is to study from Mahoning Avenue to Shields Road, which includes Boardman Township, Mill Creek Metro Parks, Mahoning County Engineers, and ODOT.

The study would collect data to help decide how to plan a future project.

“To make sure we have adequate access for the disabled. Make sure we have adequate lane widths. If the lane widths are too big, can they be narrowed, how would we add a bike lane? “Said Shasho.

The city wants to look at every corridor that leads into the city, if it has not already been.

YNDC has worked on various neighborhood projects for the city.

Beniston says one of the main problems is people trying to cross the street.

“Things as simple as properly marked zebra crossings, infrastructure that allows people to cross the street safely, and vehicles that go slower,” said Beniston.

They also want to improve sidewalks and buses for public transportation, and make it easier to access Mill Creek Parks.

Shasho says they had several options for raising funding.

“It’s an exciting and rewarding project. We just have to keep in mind that these things take time and I think the exact timeframe hasn’t been set because it’s so early in the project, ”said Shasho.

If the study is approved by Youngstown City Council, the city would have to file an application with the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments.