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CANFIELD – Talks on water tariffs between the cities of Canfield and Youngstown are ongoing, and a meeting today is set to propose changes to the 2017 agreement, City Administrator Wade Calhoun said Wednesday during the regular city council meeting.

Youngstown sells water to Canfield. Negotiations were previously ongoing but because of last year’s pandemic, those talks have been suspended.

“There are many parts of this arrangement that the City of Youngstown wants to change,” said Calhoun, as did the City of Canfield.

The 20-year term of office is among other things a point of discussion, said Calhoun.

Any amended agreement will appear on the council’s agenda and likely have two readings, Calhoun said.

If Canfield residents have any questions, he will be as available as possible as the negotiations progress, Calhoun said.

When asked by a resident if prices could be better, Calhoun said he was “hopeful” that Canfield’s new contract will be an improvement over the current one.

The current agreement provides for annual growth of 7.75 percent.

Alderman John Morvay inquired about the monthly payment of water bills as the city bills customers quarterly. The city can’t bill monthly, Calhoun said, and until it can, customers can see their quarterly payment and divide it by three.

Morvay said that by looking at the water meter on each property, one could figure out what rate, the Calhoun added, would be every 30 days.

During the meeting, Councilors unanimously approved Calhoun to prepare to apply for a grant from the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments for the Cardinal Connector Bikeway Plan through the organization’s 2022 planning grant.

The study for the project costs $ 15,000, and Eastgate would pay $ 9,000. Canfield’s local match for the study would be $ 6,000. The grant provides federal funding for projects that include transportation and land use planning, improving transportation options, and promoting viability.

If selected, Canfield would then sign a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Eastgate.

Calhoun stated that the Cardinal Connector cycle path would connect CH Campbell to Canfield High School for a planned cycle tour of Canfield.

“This is a part that we think is necessary,” said Calhoun, as many children ride bicycles or go to school.

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