Why is Toledo thought of a pacesetter in sustainability?


Site Selection magazine recently ranked the area first in the nation for its commitment to environmental, social and governance goals related to sustainability.

For better or worse, the Toledo area often finds itself on ‘best of’ or ‘worst of’ lists.

Most of the time, we find ourselves near the top (or bottom) but not necessarily at the top (or bottom).

When it comes to sustainability however, Toledoans can proudly say, “we are the best”.

That’s according to a report published in Site Selection magazine which places Toledo ahead of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cincinnati for cities who best follow through on their environmental, social and governance goals related to sustainability.

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The report highlighted the Toledo-Lucas County Sustainablity Commission’s Toledo-Lucas County Green Map.

The Green Map makes it easier for users to find sustainable projects in three categories; sustainable living, nature, and culture and society.

The map includes places like parks, solar fields, green buildings, community gardens, food banks, bike trails, recycling centers as well as businesses that work to reduce their negative impacts on the environment.

The report also highlighted the greater Toledo area’s corporate community and green jobs, including at First Solar’s facilities.

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First Solar is the only company of the world’s largest solar manufacturers to have its headquarters in the United States.

Owens Corning is also well known for their commitment to sustainability, including its prioritization of the holistic well-being of their employees.

So the next time you hear someone put down Toledo, just remember all of the wonderful things it has going for it that are helping move the earth’s health in a positive direction.

In this area at least… we are number one.