Two Toledo Police sergeants suspended for sexual harassment


Both members of the force have been charged with conduct that does not belong to an officer.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Two Toledo police sergeants have been disciplined for sexually harassing female patrolmen and found guilty of an officer’s conduct.

None of the officers will be fired and will face a series of suspensions and compulsory sexual harassment training courses in the future.

Sgt. Matt Gabel was suspended for 60 days, of which 20 days had to be served and 40 days had to be suspended for five years. He has also been permanently demoted and cannot apply for a promotion for the duration of his career.

Sgt. Kevin Nabors has been suspended for 20 days, each of which will be suspended for three years.

Gabel had to sign a final amendment agreement for five years. Any persistent charge of conduct that is absent during this period will result in his dismissal.

Documents show Gabel has the pattern of contacting subordinate officials, commenting on her appearance, and asking for sex. He has been on duty since 2012, a sergeant since 2016.

Complaint records also show that Nabors commented inappropriately on at least one subordinate officer in 2019.

“When a patrol officer is promoted to sergeant, I tell them that the sergeant is the most important leadership position in the department because they’re the first line to fight problems,” Chief George Kral said in a statement. “If a commander betrays the trust I have placed in him, it bothers me to the core. The allegations were the least bit worrying and I took them seriously.”

Gabel was appointed to the department in 2012 and promoted to sergeant in 2016. Nabors was appointed in 2013 and promoted in 2019.

Both were restricted by the Internal Affairs Department pending the completion of the investigation. Union representatives started discussing objection agreements before the hearing.

According to Kral, plea agreements are used to expedite the closure of victims and prevent them from witnessing and reliving the incidents.

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