Two Columbus teenagers await prices following deadly capturing


ZANESVILLE – Charges are expected against two teenagers who police believe were responsible for the shooting of 20-year-old Tyrel Saunders in Zanesville Friday night.

According to Zanesville Police Chief Tony Coury, Bobby Colvin and Rodreigez Tanner, both 17 and from Columbus, were arrested Friday night at a house on Nancy Avenue, where they retired after the shooting.

After several hours of fighting with the police, the youths surrendered to the Special Response Team and were taken into custody in Muskingum County Youth Prison.

At this point, Coury said, police are waiting for the results of a ballistic test to confirm which person fired the fatal shot, as Saunders was stuck with bullets in his torso several times.

Saunders is the second child in his family to be lost to gun violence. Coury said Tyler Hardin was killed 11 years ago during a custody battle.

“I can only imagine what you’re going through,” said Coury.

He sat with Saunders’ mother after the shooting and swore to fight for her son.

“I’m tired of telling mothers and fathers that I will find justice for their children,” said Coury.

Saunder’s death marks the third Zanesville murder this year, which Coury says is above average.

“Every suspect and victim is under the age of 25,” he said. “All of this because of gun violence. Each of them.”

A 16-year-old, a 23-year-old and now a 20-year-old died in shootings this year.

Coury said any dispute could have been resolved by talking to someone.

He also expressed frustration with people coming to Zanesville from Franklin County to commit crimes.

“Don’t bring Columbus problems to Zanesville,” said Coury.

Those who are also fed up with gun violence in their neighborhood plan to meet at City Hall on Monday evening in hopes of speaking to council members.

“I want leaders to know that we will not be sacrificed at the southern end because it has been undeveloped for far too long,” Councilor Kyle Johnson told TR.

He and his grandmother Kathy Dickinson and Aunt Melissa Dickinson organize the meeting.

“We need a social infrastructure and a city council that doesn’t give a damn about it. What happened to Tyrel wasn’t a mistake, it was intentional and through a system that either kills us or locks us in, ”adds Johnson.

For Johnson, the shooting took place in his own backyard.

He grew up near Dairy Mart, where the Saunders were killed, and has since moved to Nancy Avenue, just opposite where the standoff took place.

He hopes the city guides will give him a chance to be heard.

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