Two Columbus hospitals, DPH getting bulk of vaccines state points in Muscogee County


Posted: Feb 25, 2021 / 5:49 PM EST
Updated: February 25, 2021 / 5:49 PM EST

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – 21,014 doses of vaccine have been administered in Muscogee County, according to the Georgia Department of Health.

Which providers get the majority of these recordings?

The one you’d expect. Piedmont Columbus Regional, St. Francis-Emory Healthcare and the Columbus Department of Public Health.

Piedmont has received more than 17,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. That number can be tricky, however, says Dr. Chris Rustin, the DPH doctor in charge of introducing the vaccine.

“The Piedmont system is a large system with multiple locations across the state,” said Rustin. “And much of their vaccine is delivered to a location or account in our vaccine system. And this kind of thing skews the administrative figures for different counties. “

Knowing exactly how many arms are thrust in Columbus has been made difficult. And it’s even more difficult when you consider that Piedmont is requesting vaccines for a partnership clinic City / DPH / Piemont on the Piedmont campus.

According to state figures, 5,700 shots were fired at this clinic. City officials tell News 3 that the number is closer to 9,200.

“We are actually working with Piedmont to solve some of the data problems on our side of the immunization system,” said Rustin. “So those numbers are better reflected in the county in which they are actually administered.”

The Piedmont responded with an explanation. The statement said that Piedmont, which has 11 hospitals in its nationwide system, is working closely with state and local officials on all issues related to vaccines.

“As we consolidate our vaccination clinics and move to new locations next week; We are working with the DPH to provide a more detailed account so that local citizens and officials can see where vaccinations are taking place in our entire system, ”the statement said.

St. Francis-Emory has received more than 7,500 doses and vaccinated Columbus Clinic employees and patients who meet Phase 1 criteria. These are first aiders, healthcare workers, people 65 and over, and caregivers.

1,000 shots will be fired on Friday when DPH, in partnership with the city, holds a mass vaccination event at the Civic Center. This event is only one date off the West Central Georgia Health District waiting list. That waiting list stands at 19,981 in Muscogee County.