Two Cleveland males granted new trial after 15 years in jail


CLEVELAND (WJW) – Two men who had been in prison for more than a decade received trial Monday after their defense alleged alleged wrongdoing by the two officers whose testimony led to their conviction.

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Kenny Phillips and Michael Sutton are released on a $ 50,000 bond and reunited with their families. You were convicted of attempted murder in 2007. A new trial date has not been set, but the judge said it could take up to a year to begin.

“This is the best Mother’s Day. I want nothing but my son right in my arms, ”said Roberta Sutton.

Lawyers for the men argued that they had paid a debt that they did not owe.

“The state case has dissolved and to be honest, they had their shot, they had their trial, they cheated,” said Phillips defender Joanna Sanchez.

“They withheld evidence and denied these two young men the opportunity to go to a fair trial,” she said.

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In 2006, the two teenagers celebrating Phillips’ birthday and Sutton’s college admission were when they said they saw a shooting and a gold car spin away. In their defense, the gold car was never tracked or examined.

Both were sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

In court on Monday, Sanchez said years after the original trial, two other officers had doubts about the statements made by the two officers. Sanchez said there was a history of lies and falsification of reports.

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“At the time, the police claimed that there were several shots, several weapons. Not a single bullet was found, there is not a single cartridge case, not a single weapon, not a single bullet hole, ”she said. “There is no reliable physical evidence to link these two to this case.”

A statement from the prosecutor said they would appeal the decision.

“People who were shot in the head suffered serious injuries. You will be operated on in the last month, “said the prosecutor in court. “As for the evidence, there were two police officers who witnessed the shooting in Mr. Sutton’s car.”

Relatives were overwhelmingly pleased that they would have another chance at justice.

“Today was a long time,” said Morgan Sutton, Michael’s brother. “They’re coming home, they’re coming home after 15 years of fighting.”

The families are to be reunited on Monday afternoon. The Innocence Project was involved in the case.

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