Toledo UAW members obtain COVID vaccine


Nearly 700 auto workers lined up on Friday to receive their first shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo auto workers will soon be able to go to work with a new sense of security.

Nearly 700 auto workers lined up on Friday to receive their first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Those who work at the various local auto factories say the past year has been difficult – mainly because they are so close to work both physically and personally.

“And it’s pretty difficult for them if they can’t hit five or approach and talk or whatever. So it was a nightmare for the workers,” said Brian Simms, chairman of the Toledo Jeep Plant.

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Simms had already signed COVID-19 in November. He’s more comfortable knowing that the vaccination process has started.

“I couldn’t really eat that much, I was quarantined in the basement,” he said. “It was just one hell of a good experience I’d never had before. My whole body was shut down and it hurt.”

Mercy Health employees distributed the recordings in the closed clinic. Officials say these types of clinics will help open appointments for the average Ohioan.

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“We want to decompress as many people as possible [Lucas County] Recreation center as possible, “said Matt Sapara, vice president of regional development and operations for Mercy Health.” So we’re going to continue these pods not only up to this point, but also afterwards. And it also makes a lot of sense for people who are already working together. ”

The Friday Clinic is one of the few different vaccination clinics that are held on-site in UAW 12. More people will be included, especially if the eligibility opens across Ohio.

These clinics not only vaccinate auto workers, but also their family members who meet licensing standards. And next week, this eligibility will be extended even further to people aged 16 and over.

“Hopefully, with the vaccines now available to anyone who wants them, we can get back to normal lives,” said one auto worker.

The workers did not have to get vaccinated, but many said they wanted to do their part to stay healthy.