Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Toledo man takes 125-mile Uber journey to satisfy 15-year-old Michigan lady


MONTROSE, Michigan (WTVG) – A Toledo man faces four charges after police allege he took an Uber to Montrose, Michigan to meet a 15-year-old girl he met online.

According to Genessee County Sheriff Chris R. Swanson, the man had communicated with the girl for three weeks through the online forums Snapchat, Discord, and Fortnite. The crime was reported by MLive.com.

20-year-old Anthony Drayton was charged Wednesday in Genesee District Court on three cases of first-degree criminal sexual behavior and one case of kidnapping. All charges are life crimes.

Drayton took an Uber from Toledo to Montrose on Jan. 14 and met the girl outside a McDonald’s. The two hitchhiked to Detroit, where they took another Uber to Toledo.

Several tips and pointers resulted in Toledo police officers tracking down the girl. She was taken back home and Drayton was arrested.

Drayton’s judge ruled his bond at $ 400,000 in cash.

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