Toledo Humane Society rescues greater than 30 pets discovered stacked in cages, tied to kitchen cupboards and hidden in a wall


Courtney Schroyer, a cruelty investigator, says they will soon find the animals at home and bring cruelty lawsuits against those responsible.

TOLEDO, Ohio – More than 30 animals are on their way to forever homes after being found in deplorable conditions.

The Toledo Humane Society Maumee wants to bring criminal charges against the owners after 35 pets were rescued over the weekend after an anonymous complaint about animal cruelty.

“When we got there, we were just realizing how bad it really was. Those animals were filthy and full of fleas. We found a litter of pups hidden in a wall that they were trying to hide from us,” said Courtney, Toledo cruelty investigator Humane Society Schroyer.

THS posted photos of the rescue and the conditions in which the animals lived.

Cats were stacked in cages, dogs tied to kitchen cabinets and puppies hidden under a plastic bag in the wall.

“When they came in, cockroaches from the kennels they came in were obviously running on the animals. There were lots of fleas. Flea dermatitis, hair loss from fleas. A dog had lots of bite scars on its face,” said Anna Brown, a veterinarian at THS.

The animals that were picked up on Friday have been treated, vaccinated and are now living comfortably as they are ready to find a home forever.

30 animals were initially rescued. With Aurora, a pregnant bitch who had 5 puppies on Sunday evening, that number has now grown to 35. And it is expected to continue growing in some cats that are most likely expecting kittens.

Large numbers of animals come in at the same time, which can be a strain on staff.

“So we’ll spend a lot of time looking after these animals. People can help by donating food, blankets and really anything that helps,” said Schroyer.

Animal cruelty is expected to be filed this week.

The pets will be given up for adoption in the next few weeks.

“I look forward to seeing you go home where you can have appropriate demeanor, attachment and attention,” said Brown.

You can improve the lives of these pets by making a donation to the Toledo Humane Society by going to either 827 Illinois Ave. drop by or visit Maumee You can also call 419-891-0594.