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Toledo Humane Society investigating disturbing circumstances of neglect and abuse


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Atrocity investigators with the Toledo Humane Society are looking for clues on two worrying cases of alleged cruelty to animals. What you are about to see and hear in this story can be annoying to some of you.

The Toledo Humane Society responds to thousands of reports of cruelty each year. Officials are currently investigating two unusual and life-threatening cases. The first case concerns a dog who was shot with an arrow.

“As you can imagine, the arrow wound was extremely infected,” said Courtney Schroyer, a cruelty officer at DBS. “It smelled awful, so it was definitely an older injury. It is very worrying that someone would even think of shooting an arrow at a dog. “

The dog was found on Prospect Avenue in Toledo on Monday and was taken to MedVet Toledo Emergency Clinic by Lucas County Canine Care and Control. He was then transferred to THS. THS staff named him Fletch.

“The arrow went through his right side above his neck,” explains veterinarian Dr. Anna Brown. “It went through the front of his chest and stuck in his left humerus, which is like the upper arm.”

The arrow was surgically removed immediately. As you can imagine, it was a complex process.

“We were able to pull the arrow out of the bone and back through the chest and neck,” says Dr. Brown 13abc. “He now has a drain through the wound. He takes broad spectrum antibiotics and pain relievers. “

Fletch is currently one of two critical cases in humane society. Schroyer says the other is a dog they call Matthew, whose fur is so matted that it has caused injuries. The mat on his left hind leg was so strong that it actually cut into the skin and went through the muscles to the bone. And just like Fletch says, Dr. Brown that Matthew’s injury was seriously infected.

“The time it took to become like this is a long time,” she says. “It’s hard to believe that someone looked at him like that and done nothing to help.”

Dr. Brown says there is one more critical health problem for Matthew right now: he’s emaciated.

Despite what they have been through, both dogs have a good chance of living happy and healthy lives. This is thanks to the staff of the Toledo Humane Society, the people who support the work of the shelter, and the good Samaritans who called for help.

“These are the people who really save the day. The people who go out of their way to get help for animals in need like Matthew and Fletch. Without these people, Fletch and Matthew would still be wandering around with life threatening injuries, ”says Dr. Brown.

If you know anything about any of these cases, you are invited to contact the Toledo Humane Society. You can call (419) 891-0705 or sign up toledohumane.Organd you can remain anonymous.

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