Toledo hearth rescues girl who climbed to prime of Excessive Degree bridge


The woman made it to the top lanterns. According to bridge data from ODOT, the towers of Anthony Wayne Bridge are 21 meters high.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Anthony Wayne / High Level Bridge was completely shut down for two hours overnight while Toledo firefighters rescued a climber who was later accused of causing panic.

A woman climbed to the top of the bridge to the upper lanterns late Thursday. Witnesses told us that the woman could only be seen sitting up there because she was afraid to climb back down.

Court documents show that a 23-year-old Toledo woman is accused of causing panic. At least 13 crews from the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department and seven crews from the Toledo Police Department responded to the incident to rescue the woman, close the bridge and divert traffic.

According to Data on the bridge from ODOTThe towers of the Anthony Wayne Bridge are 21 meters high.

Firefighters climbed onto the bridge and brought the woman down. She was rescued from the bridge by being taken down from a ladder in the bridge pillars instead of running back the cables.

Both sides of the bridge and below were cordoned off by the police during the rescue.

The woman was sent to Lucas County Jail and bailed for $ 500. She has an indictment on Friday at 9 a.m.

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