Toledo Girl Accused of Driving Into Off Obligation Officer Pleads Not Responsible


From The Chronicle Staff

A 49-year-old Toledo woman accused of driving her vehicle into an off-duty reserve police officer pleaded not guilty of reckless driving, hit-and-run and assault on Tuesday in Lewis County Superior Court.

Marty A. Basinger was summoned to a preliminary hearing on Tuesday where she made her pleadings. The state requested that she undergo an administrative booking prior to her next appearance, which means that her mug shot and fingerprints will be recorded in the Lewis County Jail.

The hearing of the case is scheduled for next week.

The charges against Basinger stem from an incident that occurred on April 7th at the 600 block on North Fifth Street in Toledo. According to court documents, Randy Pennington, an off duty reserve officer with the local police force, was driving on State Route 505 when he noticed an erratic vehicle behind him.

The vehicle snaked in and out of the lane and tried twice to overtake Pennington’s vehicle, almost bumping into his vehicle, according to court documents.

“He also watched as the driver slapped her steering wheel with her hands. Concerned that the driver was having a medical emergency, Pennington stopped his vehicle with his blinkers, ”said an affidavit with a probable cause.

Pennington reportedly left the vehicle and approached Basinger’s car, posing as an off duty officer while showing her his badge. After that, Basinger’s vehicle reportedly crashed forward to bypass the passenger side of his vehicle. When Pennington went to the other side of the vehicle to stop her, court documents said she was driving straight towards him.

“Pennington advised him to push off her hood. The driver still hit Pennington in the left knee and fell to the ground on the driver’s side of the suspect vehicle. The car then left the area at high speed, ”said the affidavit.

Police were later reported that Pennington’s ACL had ruptured in the incident. The officers were able to locate them through the public.