Toledo companies prepared for Mud Hens opener, return of followers


Firefly Toledo and the Blarney Irish Pub are installing outdoor seating for those who prefer to stay outside.

TOLEDO, Ohio – It’s less than a week until the Toledo Mud Hens Opening day.

Downtown businesses are preparing for the big day after an entire season was canceled last year.

“It’s been a long year. And we’re delighted that the sport will really take place in Toledo again. The opening day has always been a big day for downtown,” said Ed Beczynski, owner of the Blarney Irish Pub Toledo.

And bars and shops in the city center are eagerly awaiting everything that goes with it.

Some places plan to take care of you while you are entertained and they already have some things in the works.

“And we know they don’t allow all fans. But they allow some of the fans and we already know several people who will pull garden chairs up outside the fences. And people are only pumped to get out of the house.” Home and out to see a ball game, “said Geoff Scott, managing partner of Fireflies Toledo.

Places like Firefly and Toledo the Blarney actually install outdoor seating to accommodate those who prefer to be outside.

“We have just started building our front patio. It will take about 40 people. We will have fire pit tables so the fire is in the center and you can eat outside. And we hope that will be done inside for a week,” said Scott.

“Opening day comes later this year. The weather is supposed to be around 70. And with our new patio awning actually going to be installed as we speak. You know, we can get more people out there,” added Beczynski.

All of these plans are also combined with DORA, the outdoor refreshment areas designated by TOledo.

Both establishments are preparing to sell beverages and take-away food.

And as soon as the day comes, they expect it to be the start of a better summer than last year.

“And baseball is coming back, and little by little you know that by midsummer we are hoping things are definitely back to normal,” Beczynski said.

“We look forward to people coming here and saying, ‘I’m finally free. I’m finally out. I’m having a good time. I watch baseball and have a few drinks Fireflyto eat good food. And we love it. We’re finally free, “said Scott.

Other places like Downtown Johnny’s plan to have their doors open for the first time since the pandemic too.

The opening day is May 4th and we plan to have WTOL 11 crews covering the game on that day.