Toledo card firm spreads the love without cost on Valentine’s Day


SimplyPut plans to spread love by giving nearly 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards to schools and organizations.

TOLEDO, Ohio – During Black History Month, a local business wants to make its mark on history.

It is called “Simply put“And it does it by creating handmade greeting cards and giving away hundreds of them for Valentine’s Day.

The company is a dream for co-founders Jerrod Poole and Bri’on Whiteside.

“I consider it (a card) as a time capsule. I will remember that time in my life. You know, it’s a date – this Valentine’s Day 2021, so and so gave me this card to let me know how They took very good care of me, “said Whiteside.

“We wanted to have a different impact on the world. And you often see with art, it often tells a story, and I knew I could add that side with art,” added Poole.

During Black History Month, they leave a paper trail that they hope will be their legacy, showing determination and hard work.

“Especially where we are in the world right now, I think that there is just a lot of attention paid to the value of blacks. They know the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s just so busy,” said Whiteside.

“Growing up in school we used to read about Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and how they left a legacy. And I think that’s just how I and Bri’on leave our legacy and our print. ” Poole added.

And the co-founders want to inspire younger generations to become entrepreneurs.

“Don’t just think that it can’t be achieved and achieved because you don’t see it, because it is not generally seen,” said Whiteside.

They say they are spreading love in these troubled times with their philanthropic endeavors called SPCards.

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, they are giving schools and organizations like the Ronald McDonald House around 900 cards.

“As we progress in life, I want to keep putting God first and serving in all of business. And that by spreading love, and I have a feeling that love is something you can never be too Receive a lot and never give too much, “said Poole.

You can still order Valentine’s Day cards, but the co-founders say you should do so by the end of the week.

You can purchase these by clicking yours here Etsy website.