Tigers put Jose Urena on IL, recall infielder Zack Quick from Toledo


Detroit – You bet if you asked Zack Short what he wanted for his 26th birthday – Saturday?

The Tigers called him from Toledo to fill the roster, which was temporarily cleared by pitcher Jose Urena, who was put on the 10-day list of the injured.

“Shorty has been here before and we like what he can bring,” said manager AJ Hinch. “We’ll play him somewhere in the infield tomorrow.”

However, it’s likely a short stay for shorts. Urena, recovering from a cramp in her lower right forearm, is expected to just miss one start. In addition, the Tigers will travel to Milwaukee on Monday to play two interleague games. The first Monday, a matinee, would have been Urena’s start.

Hinch could call another mug.

“We’ll see how the next few days develop,” said Hinch. “Do we want to have an all-bullpen day on Monday or call an extra arm for that day?”

Right-handed Rony Garcia would have been an option, but he threw Toledo up for five goalless innings on Thursday and would rest for three days. Veteran Wily Peralta would be another option, though buying his contract from Toledo would require a 40-man roster change.

Jose Urena

Hinch said he fully expects Urena to be ready to start a week from Sunday in Chicago.

“We took a cautious approach and skipped a start,” he said. “It’s right for him. He could probably have gutted it and possibly been okay. But the fact that he was in pain yesterday and we had to wait until the day of the start (to make sure he was ready) and that it was a day’s game – and he had to swing the bat (National League rules) – there just was so many things in the negative column.

“We decided to be very careful.”

Small optimization, big result

So what has changed? After posting an ERA of 5.23 in his first four starts, Tiger’s rookie Casey Mize has played quite a role. The Tigers are 4-2 in his last six starts and opponents beat .168 / .261 / .248 against him. He averages six innings per start with an ERA of 2.19.

After restricting the Yankees to a five innings run on Friday, Mize pitching coach Chris Fetter made a very impressive proposition.

“He made me go to the middle of the rubber,” said Mize. “I was on the first base page and he thought it would be good for me to put my feet on the middle part of the rubber. That was about six starts ago and I’ve been on a pretty decent run since then.

“I have to give credit where it’s due and it’s thanks to him.”

Of course, there was more to the trend reversal. Seventeen starts his career in the big league. Mize has a much better understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses, and with Fetter’s help, a better idea of ​​how to attack the clubs’ strengths and weaknesses.

But moving his feet to the center of the rubber helped him issue his command. He’s posted 33 strikeouts and 13 walks in his last 37 innings.

I will not go with him

Back on May 5 in Boston, Hinch gave JD Martinez a deliberate walk with a base open in the ninth inning. It was only the fifth free pass that he requested in more than 13,000 record appearances since 2019.

But he chose not to run Yankee’s Odor with an open first base and a runner on the third and two outs on the 10th inning Friday night. Not even if Odor already has three hits, including a solo home run in the game. Not even considering the olfactory bats left-handed and right-handed Bryan Garcia was on the hill with right-handed Clint Frazier on deck.

Not even a little tried to go with him.

It was a moot point because the third runner, Aaron Judge, scored a pass during Odors bat.

“I know (smell walking) was an option, but I haven’t really thought about it,” said Hinch. “You know my attitude towards it. It doesn’t matter who you lose to. If you lose to the batsman on deck it may feel a little better, but it still loses.

“Hitting is hard. I know he got a couple of hits, but that didn’t dictate my decision-making. I have already provided the intentional pass and will run it again. But since I was dull, there was no way I would do that last night. “

Around the horn

… Hinch informed about two experienced pitchers who are on the list of injured. Julio Tehran (shoulder strain) is still a long way off. He has another appointment with a shoulder specialist next week and has not yet started a litter program. Erasmo Ramirez (Pectoralis Tribe) has started throwing in Lakeland but is at least a few weeks away from returning to live action.

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