Three Cleveland gadgets make record of 100 costliest sports-memorabilia gadgets


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Top 100 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia list has three articles directly related to Cleveland.

The list of, divides the values ​​by subject, sport, type of artifact and value. The site has collected data from more than 20 sources.

Cleveland items on the list:

10. Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic gold medal, $ 1.4 million. Owens won four gold medals at the Games. He attended East Technical High School in Cleveland and the state of Ohio.

21. (Tie) Joe Jackson’s 1911 bat when he played for Cleveland, $ 960,000. Jackson, who had a lifetime average of .356, wore a Cleveland uniform from 1910 to 1915.

97. Jim Brown’s 1962-63 Cleveland Browns jersey, $ 80,000. Brown played for Cleveland for his entire career from 1957 to 1965.

There are ten types of items on the list, with bats occupying 29 positions. The garments contain a total of 23 items and there are 10 balls. (Johnny Unitas’ 1958 NFL Championship Game Ball ranks 100th as the only non-baseball in the ball category.)

Nine sports are represented, with baseball making up more than half of the list. Soccer (13) and Soccer (11) are the only other double-digit sports.

About 80% of the memorabilia are from more than 50 years.

The three most important points:

1. Original Olympic Games Manifesto, $ 8.8 million

2. Babe Ruth 1928-30 jersey, $ 5.64 (Ruth’s Yankees team won the 1928 World Series.)

3. Babe Ruth 1920 jersey, $ 4.22

Here is the full list. It includes sources used in the site’s methodology.

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