The contemporary scent of theft; Cleveland man arrested stealing air fresheners: Parma Heights Police Blotter



The Fresh Smell of Theft, Pearl Road: On January 7th, police were sent to a Pearl Road store after a staff member reported a man stole a bag of air fresheners.

An arriving officer located the freshly smelling perpetrator. It also turned out that the Cleveland man had arrest warrants.

He was arrested and held for transportation. The thief was also charged with theft.

Drug Trafficking, Big Creek Parkway: On January 11th, police observed a suspicious black Mercedes SUV slowly pulling in and out of various parking lots along Big Creek Parkway.

During a conversation with the Cleveland driver, the officer discovered that the man had a suspended driver’s license. During a search of the driver and passenger, the officer found marijuana and other crimes.

The officer also found additional medication in the SUV. The driver was charged with drug trafficking and driving license.

The Cleveland passenger was charged with drug abuse.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Kingsdale Boulevard: On January 7th, police were sent to an address on Kingsdale Boulevard about an abandoned vehicle.

An arriving officer found the 1992 Chevy Silverado that was reportedly stolen from Parma. There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

Hit-Skip-Blues, Stumph Road: On January 7th, police were sent to a car accident in which one of the vehicles left the scene.

A short time later, the officer found the blue Ford Expedition. The Parma Heights driver was arrested for skipping a hit and causing the crash.

Disruption of Peace, Commonwealth Boulevard: On January 14, a Commonwealth Boulevard resident called the police about a work car parked in a nearby driveway with music booming.

An arriving officer located the van with a highly intoxicated man who passed out. The officer woke the man who refused to get out of the van and go to his house.

At that point, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting the arrest.

Escape, Stumph Road: On January 12, police observed a Honda Civic that was missing a bumper and tried to evade the officer by driving into parking lots.

When the officer finally tried to drive over the Honda, the driver started. However, the Civic was later found in a parking lot of an apartment complex where the Cleveland driver was arrested for fleeing and fleeing and various traffic offenses.