Taking pictures loss of life of 1-year-old lady places ‘a number of’ Columbus cops on depart


Columbus police said officers would have to take time off and would not be able to return until after a mental exam.

A scene like the one on Tuesday night on Lazelle Road, the one on the Death of a 1 year old girlHe was emotional for everyone involved, including police officers who reacted. So much so that they were told to take time out to relax.

We were told by the victim’s family that the mother is now recovering at home.

The trauma of an incident like the one on Tuesday evening starts at the beginning, with the dispatchers.

“Our dispatchers are dealing with the same trauma when the 911 calls for help,” said Sgt. James Fuqua with the Columbus Division of Police.

The emotional effects continue on officers; Several officials who responded to the Tuesday night incident were given time off and can only return until a mental assessment is made.

“We don’t just ask that they are okay. We’re going through it really thoroughly, ”said Sgt. Fuqua.

It wasn’t just the Lazelle Road incident Tuesday night. Within two hours, Columbus police dealt with three separate shootings, two of which resulted in death.

“We’re completely sparsely divided and, frankly, it depletes police resources as much as possible while maintaining service to the city,” said Sgt. Fuqua.

10TV asked the Columbus Police Department if it would be possible for officers to conduct a thorough, full investigation into each case with the current murder rate.

They replied, “It’s hard to know that we can’t sit here and see the truth because the number of cases comes with the workload and staff we have. It is challenging and difficult to give each case a fair, balanced, and thorough investigation that it deserves. “

The Columbus police would not tell us the exact number of officers taking leave.

We asked the Columbus Police how many officers typically respond to a critical incident. They say it depends, but it could be anywhere from 10 to 20 officials.