Surveillance video exhibits machete assault exterior courthouse in downtown Columbus


Tracey Neely is charged with criminal assault and is being held on $ 500,000 bond.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Franklin County Sheriff’s office released a surveillance video of a Stab with a machete A man was seriously injured on Wednesday.

Columbus Police officers and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to 300 South High Street, just outside the Franklin County’s Common Pleas Courthouse, to report a knife stab at around 12:45 p.m.

The man told police he was waiting for a bus when the suspect, Tracey Neely, started an argument with him.

Neely attacked the victim, who then pulled out a machete that he allegedly used to clear campsites in order to defend himself.

The man said he did not want to hurt Neely and said he just wanted to leave him alone, according to court documents.

Police say when the man pulled away from Neely he tripped, fell to the ground and dropped his machete.

The man said Neely then took the machete and hit him several times before the MPs could stop him.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said a member of court security had tourniquet the victim before the paramedics arrived.

The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Neely appeared in court on Thursday. He is charged with negligent bodily harm and held on bond for $ 500,000.