Sunday night climate forecast, Youngstown, Ohio


Our Sunday afternoon looks pretty nice with some sunshine and clouds. It will stay on the cooler side, however, with highs still in the mid-30s. We only have one winter night with lows in our middle to upper teens, then we’ll finally warm up from tomorrow. For Monday the highs will be in the 50s. Then, Tuesday through Thursday, we’ll probably be in our 60s. Monday to Wednesday is full of sunshine and warmth. The next best chance to see some rain here is next Thursday with a few rain showers that last until Friday. Things are trending cooler over the coming weekend with average temperatures so the highs will likely be in the 40s.

SUNDAY: Partly to mostly sunny. High: 37 TONS: Mostly clear. Low: 17 MONDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy. High: 55 MONDAY NIGHT: Partly to mostly cloudy. High: 63 Low: 41TH THURSDAY: Scattered rain showers (60%). High: 62 Low: 50 FRIDAY: Chance of rain showers (40%). High: 58 Low: 44 SATURDAY: Chance of occasional mixed showers (20%). High: 45 Low: 36