Successful the NFL psychological recreation: Cleveland Browns gamers and followers


We’re only two days away from the browns taking on the reigning NFL champions. We spoke to a local sports psychologist about how players can win the mind game.

CLEVELAND – The whole Browns-in-the-playoffs thing is super exciting, nerve wracking and so many other emotions – and that’s just for The fans.

Imagine what the players are going through.

3News’ Dave Chudowsky spoke to sports psychologist Jack Lesyk, Ph.D., director of the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology.

Dave asked what this means mentally for the team.

“The first is that I would try not to be over-motivated.”

Dr. Lesyk explains that coaches themselves are often anxious and nervous and may say things like, “You have to dig really deep. You have to play better than ever before.”

Dr. Lesyk says the players already know this.

“You don’t have to hear that. My advice would be, “Hey, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t damn good. So if you do all of the things that brought you here you will be playing a good game. ‘”

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He also says that while winning is a great motivator, not all athletes should focus on it – even if they’re looking to take on the NFL champions.

“It’s not a good way of assessing how well you’ve done it. Because winning is out of your control. You can’t choose your opponents, you have no control over how good they are when they step on the field. The more you think about things that you cannot control, the more you divert attention from the things that you can control, ”says Dr. Lesyk.

“What about fans? I don’t think they want to hear that – they think it’s all about winning, ”says Dave.

But the doctor says you win if you don’t think about winning.

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“When you think of every moment; To be the best you can be in this moment and be totally focused. There is no past and no future. There is only this moment when you focus on those few things when you are playing a game or defending a game. “

What should fans do to prepare for this game?

“See what develops, be amazed and enjoy every moment. This is really something special. You will see great football, ”says Dr. Lesyk.

You can learn more about Dr. Lesyk experienced, including his Nine mental skills of successful athletes, at the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology website.