Rocky River’s Go Buddha presents first wholesome meals ATM in Cleveland space


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – Go Buddha opened their grocery delivery service in Rocky River last July and believes the city is a friendly place. Maybe that’s because the chef really knows the food – healthy food – and apparently that’s appreciated.

But now it goes even further and offers the first ATM service in the Cleveland area in the restaurant on the west side. But let’s stand back for a moment.

The chef and owner Joshua Ingraham and his wife Emily founded the company in October 2019. Ingraham was the former head chef for the Cleveland Indians and previously the culinary director of the Cleveland Clinic.

“We opened our restaurant as a sideline,” said Ingraham. “I always wanted to combine food and health. I had to learn plant-based food preparation and wanted to get back to the root of simplicity in food. Vegan or not, we can all use more plant-based foods. “

Ingraham said he saw 1,500 people at the Cleveland Clinic every day and found that it was too late for many of them as they suffered from many health problems.

“I wanted to be part of preventive medicine and I saw that for what we eat,” he said.

He noted that when many of them left the Cleveland Clinic, they had no place for new healthy diets and recipes.

“So, Go Buddha was created to help my family and friends,” he said. “With our knowledge of developing new food systems that offer the benefits of bulk buying and mass production, we prepare the food for you. We now even ship nationwide overnight. “

The staple foods in Go Buddha’s food are creative, tasty vegetarian bowls with grains, beans and vegetables – all plant-based. Customers can order the food and eat in the restaurant or have it delivered.

But the new twist is the ATM in Ingrahams store – a kind of “kiosk”. Menus are displayed and there is fresh food in the machine – fresh Buddha bowls – 24-7. The food stays fresh in the machine for up to five days, said Ingraham.

“We control the ATM through a computer dashboard so we can see what is being bought and what needs to be topped up,” he said.

“The trays cost $ 12 and are the same generous size as the inside or for delivery. But we’re going to add some minor and more variety now, ”he said.

Good news for allergy sufferers: all foods are gluten and dairy free. There is even a gluten-free burger bun.

“I’ve had a lot of ideas over the years,” said Ingraham, “but this (the ATM) is our growth strategy now that we’re looking to add schools, businesses, homes, fitness facilities and more. We’ll sell it as a service and maintain the ATMs. “

“Go Buddha is more than just a new restaurant,” he said. “We are a new health brand bringing affordable and accessible nutrition to our community. The introduction of the new food vending machine is just another way our fresh, plant-based meals are available 24/7 to those who need them. “

For more information on Go Buddha, see or call 216-352-0820. You can order meals online. The opening times in the restaurant are Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are located at 19900 Detroit Road in Rocky River.

And of course you can reach the ATM at any time of the day or night.

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