Regardless of Protests, OTR Growth Venture Heads To Cincinnati Council For Vote


The Cincinnati Council’s Economic Growth and Development Committee puts forward an amended proposal for a major mixed-use development in Over-the-Rhine at Liberty and Elm.

The committee voted unanimously in favor of the proposal on Wednesday and submitted it to the whole Council for vote.

Attorney Thomas Tepe represents the developers. He says even though the project had Already approvedthis amendment makes it better.

“It removes the surface parking lot that people objected to,” Tepe said. “It lowers the building 13 feet. It sets the top floor of another building 20 feet back, what [are] Things heard during the process. “

The city offers a 30-year tax break.

Some residents and community leaders are concerned about the lack of affordable housing in plan. The developers say they can’t afford to include any, but promise to apply for state tax credits to add 20 affordable homes, or about 5% of all units.

Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman asked the city planning bureau to add a language to the agreement to hold developers accountable for that promise.

“I don’t think you’ll get to the finish line from scratch on this project,” said Smitherman.

The developers say they are open to this conversation and can act quickly.

“We’re here on pretty urgent deadlines while funding is available,” said Stephen Dronan, president of KEAN Development.

The proposal is expected to be put to the full Council for vote on Thursday.