Public Library Of Youngstown & Mahoning County: Penguin Snacks


In honor of our Humboldt Penguin pen pals Let’s make some fun snacks at Akron Zoo that look just like them!

Choose from Titi, Rocky, Guapo, Gabriella, Pez, Pedro, Maus, Armando, Schnitzel, Franz, Anadeo and Rico or do one each! (Read all about these special penguins and their unique personalities here on the Akron Zoo website: Or one of their new babies:

Create your own adorable (and delicious!) Group of penguins. A group of penguins in the water is known as a “raft” while a group of penguins on land is known as a “colony”, “rookery” or “waddle”.

I prefer a lot waddle, Is not it?

This food is easy enough to prepare for anyone (including children, teenagers, and adults like me who don’t like to cook). It’s also a pretty healthy treat with olives and carrots. And they taste pretty good too. Especially if they contain bacon.

Supplies are needed:


1. Prepare and wash the carrots and olives.

2. Cut the carrots into slices, then cut a small triangle out of the carrot slice (for the feet). Save the triangle for later.

3. Carefully cut a slit in one side of the olive.

4. Place a mozzarella bead in the cut olive.

5. Place the stuffed olive on the carrot feet.

6. Prick olives and carrots with a toothpick.

7. Wrap a thin strip of ham or bacon around the toothpick on the body (for a scarf).

8. Slide an empty olive horizontally onto the toothpick with the hole facing out (for the head) until it touches the filled olive and bacon.

9. Insert the triangle cut from the carrot into the hole of the olive (for the beak).

Have fun with your waddle!


Kelly is a librarian in the Youngstown and Mahoning Counties Public Libraries. As an adult programming specialist, she focuses on teaching adults the library programs they love. (Children can’t have all the fun!). She only reads non-fiction and picture books. She believes everything you could ever need or want is in the library somewhere. Including friends.

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