Police investigating after unknown automobile abandons lady with gunshot wound at Youngstown hospital


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Detectives investigate after a woman was dropped off with a gunshot wound in the abdomen at St. Elizabeth Health Center late Thursday afternoon.

Police were called to the hospital on 1044 Belmont Avenue around 6:20 p.m. after a woman in a jeep dropped the victim and then drove away.

The victim told police that she was visiting a house on the first block of Saranac Avenue when she started arguing with a man.

The man went to his car, grabbed a gun and shot it, they said.

According to reports, the victim was not very cooperative and did not provide any further information.

The woman is the 83rd person to be shot dead in the city this year. 98 people were shot dead in Youngstown last year.

In Saranac, too, someone was shot early on Sunday morning and was in a car at. found Wick park However, it is not clear if the two shootings took place in the same house.

The federal grand jury is indicting the Youngstown man in a drug case that found over $ 9,000 in cash