Platform Beer Co. brings curling to Cleveland at out of doors leisure spot ‘The Lot’


CLEVELAND – Cleveland is a sports-loving city, there’s no question about that. But one sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the area is curling – until now.

At Platform Beer Co., several curling leagues have been founded in the brewery’s new outdoor entertainment area called “The Lot”.

“It’s cold enough here. We’re very into athletics and sports, “said Paul Benner, Founder of Platform Beer Co.” It’s just a way for people to be outside. Do something while they have a drink and maybe something they have never done before. “

The brewery has set up two ice rinks at The Lot, where the leagues can host games while introducing the public to the sport.

“Whenever we have no leagues, namely Friday and Saturday, we have an open game for the people. So if it’s just something you want to try, feel free to stop by, ”said Benner.

In addition to curling, Platform Beer Co. has set up igloos, shipping containers, and live music events to create a socially distant entertainment venue.

Platform Beer Co. is located on Lorain Ave. 4125 in Cleveland.

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