Pennington named Cleveland Metropolis Supervisor


Bobby Pennington

Four months after being appointed Interim City Manager for the City of Cleveland, Bobby Pennington has moved to permanent City Manager. The decision was made by the Cleveland City Council at the January 19th session.

Pennington, who has served the city as the city’s assistant administrator and finance director for five years, thanked the council for the opportunity.

“We will make Cleveland a wonderful place to live, work and play,” Pennington promised in his remarks to the council. “We will measure our results. We will have people who will come and live here. We will fill these home locations and let developments burst at the seams. “

Cleveland City Council members will meet City Administrator Bobby Pennington and City Secretary Angela Smith for a group photo following the January 19 meeting that officially made Pennington the permanent governor of the city. From left to right are Alderman James Franklin, Alderman Marilyn Clay, Smith, Mayor Richard Boyett, Pennington, Mayor Pro Tem Danny Lee, and Alderman Delores Terry.

None of his successes would be possible without a dedicated city staff and supportive city council, he added.

“I am very happy to have a full-time fire brigade and wonderful staff here in town. I wouldn’t be here without the great staff that I have, ”he said.

He encouraged council members to continue looking for common ground despite their differing views on matters.

Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller has been appointed Judge of the Cleveland Municipal Court.

“We all have our differences, but we’ll work through them,” he said. “Small changes we make are big things.”

Another change in staff in the city of Cleveland was approved by the council at Tuesday evening’s meeting. Effective February 15, 2021, Ralph Fuller will be the judge at the city’s municipal court. He will replace Bob Steely, who has held the position for several years.

Fuller, who is also Pct elected. 6 The justice of peace for Liberty County continues in this role. Fuller told Bluebonnet News after the meeting that he believed he could serve both roles without conflict.

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