Ought to Higher Cleveland count on snow? Right here’s what the highest nationwide forecasters say


CLEVELAND, Ohio – While southern Michigan is expected to be hit by a winter storm system late Monday through early Tuesday, Greater Cleveland will be only about 1 to 2 inches from that storm system, according to national forecasters.

Although predictions from The national weather service, AccuWeather and Weather channel Forecasters say things will stay calm over the weekend, but northeast Ohioans should expect a wintry mix and freezing rain starting Monday night.

NWS meteorologist Alexa Maines said Saturday’s high will be in the mid-20s and overnight in their upper teens. Sunday will warm up to the low 30s at 32 degrees, she said. Temperatures will remain mid-30s for Monday and Tuesday, Maines said.

“For this weekend we will have a nice short time of calm weather with no snow on Saturday and Sunday,” she said. “Medina and Summit (counties) might see some snow on Sunday night.”

As soon as we arrive on Monday afternoon and in the evening we will see rain / snow showers.

“It’s just going to be some kind of chaos (weather),” Maines said. “If we get snow at the end, we might get a few inches.”

An exact number of snowfalls in Greater Cleveland is difficult to say right now as it could potentially be more of a rain mix than a snow mix, Maines said.

“The best chance of snow would be in southern Michigan and maybe even Toledo,” she said. “Monitor the forecast in the coming days. If you commute on Tuesday, give yourself a little more time with freezing rain, which can cause problems on the roads. In the coming days we will be more confident with the forecast. “

Here’s a closer look at each forecast:

National Weather Service:

Saturday day: Mostly cloudy, then gradually sunny, with a high of almost 26.

Saturday evening: increasing clouds with a low of 20.

Sunday day: Cloudy, with a high near 31.

Sunday evening: Mostly cloudy with a low of 26.

Monday day: Snow showers likely, possibly mixed with rain. Cloudy with a high of almost 35.

Monday evening: rain and snow showers. Low by 31.

Tuesday day: A chance of rain showers that mix with snow after 10 a.m. and then gradually end. Cloudy with a high of almost 35.

Tuesday evening: Mostly cloudy with a low of 24.


Saturday day: Cool with clouds giving way to the sun. High from 27.

Saturday evening: Partly cloudy. Low of 22.

Sunday Day: Cloudy with some snow in the afternoon with little or no accumulation. High from 33.

Sunday evening: many clouds with a vortex. Low of 27.

Monday day: Cloudy with a coating of up to an inch of snow, sleet and rain in the late afternoon. High of 36.

Monday evening: A little ice mixes in and then turns into rain with considerable clouds. Low of 32.

Tuesday day: A thick cloud cover with some snow with little or no accumulation. High from 37.

Tuesday evening: low clouds. Low of 28.

Weather channel:

Saturday day: early cloudy skies, followed by partial clearing. A few thunderstorms or snow showers possible. High from 26.

Saturday evening: Partly cloudy skies this evening will be cloudy overnight. Low of 22.

Sunday day: cloudy. A few thunderstorms or snow showers possible. High from 33.

Sunday evening: mostly cloudy. Low of 26.

Monday day: cloudy skies with snow showers in the afternoon. High from 37.

Monday evening: Snow in the evening turns into snow showers overnight. Low of 34.

Tuesday day: snow showers. Height of 36.

Tuesday evening: cloudy. Low of 29.

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