One Key Factor of Cincinnati Bengals’ Uniforms Will Stay Intact


CINCINNATI – Get the Bengals new uniforms for the 2021 season. They made the announcement Thursday morning.

While speculation about possible changes continues to grow, one thing remains the same: the orange-colored helmets with black stripes.

“My father said he wanted a helmet that just looked at us to be recognized from the top seat in the stadium,” said team president Mike Brown said “I think our helmet has stood the test of time. It established our identity, our trademark, if you will, and that is important to our fans.”

The helmets are easily the best quality over their current uniforms. There is Lots of jersey concepts and designs that would be upgrades from their current uniforms, but there’s no need to switch helmets, especially when the NFL only allows teams to wear one design.

If this rule changes, a white helmet with black stripes will go great with current uniforms.

The Bengals plan to reveal their “new stripes” this spring. It’s fair to expect them to be released before the 2021 NFL draft, which begins April 29th.

The Bengals first wore the tiger stripe helmets in 1981. Watch an interview with Reggie Williams and Glen Bujnoch about the new uniforms and helmets unveiled 40 years ago:


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