Ohio U.S. Senate hopeful Tim Ryan makes marketing campaign cease in Toledo


TOLEDO, Ohio – US Representative Tim Ryan, D-Warren said the only thing you should know about him is that he spent his career fighting for workers.

“Make sure that as the companies grow, these workers get involved in the deal. I’ve had this all my career, and that’s what I’ll be doing in the United States Senate,” said Ryan, a former presidential candidate and current Senate hopeful.

While in Toledo on Wednesday for his Workers First Tour, Ryan said he tried to contact workers at UAW Local 12. He wanted to understand the challenges they face and what they need to address to them.

Kim Ward, a representative from St. Vincent’s Technical Unit, says she needs Ryan – and Washington – to see how hard they are working.

“We just come to work every day. We fight and fight and fight. We support even though our companies sometimes don’t support us. We work and we are proud,” said Ward.

If Ryan wins, he will succeed Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who is not standing for re-election.