Ohio State College airport website relocated to Columbus Metropolis Faculty


Five years after the government first signed the agreement, the Columbus schools will sign a contract to bring the Ohio State University airport land within its boundaries.

This step is the final stage of an agreement to protect the boundaries of the Dublin City School in which the country is currently located.

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Meanwhile, Columbus Municipal School is receiving property taxes arising from future property developments that are soon to be acquired in the Northwest.

On Tuesday, the members of the Columbus Board of Education agreed to allow more than 800 acres of relocation. Move forward with 6-0 votes. The process is officially started. Director Michael Cole did not attend the meeting.

The deadline for the Board of Directors’ decision was June 1st. Another option was for Dublin to pay Columbus a lump sum of $ 1.15 million by June 30th.

“We believe that long-term land ownership in our district will benefit the district … well beyond the cash agreement at this point,” said Stan Bahorek, treasurer of Columbus City School. Said a member of the school board on Tuesday evening.

The deal between the two districts dates back to 2016 when the suburbs of central Ohio recently revised a “win-win” deal with Columbus City School. Every six years the district reviews the agreements that have existed since 1986. The aim was to stop the potential turf war as the city of Columbus expanded rapidly and annexed adjacent areas.

Win-Win joins the suburbs serving the Columbus area, giving Columbus City School 1% of the new commercial and industrial real estate tax growth in the Columbus area that served prior to 1986. I ask you to pay for it. The limit is $ 1.15 million per year. In return, the Columbus School agrees not to occupy its territory.

Columbus City Schools serve all properties attached to the city since 1986. When the deal was last reviewed in 2016, Columbus raised a total of about $ 5.5 million per year from win-win.

That year, Dublin decided to withdraw the deal in exchange for a deal made on Tuesday.

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School officials in Columbus believe that part of the airport’s land may one day be developed, which will bring additional property tax revenue to the district. The property is east of center of Somil Road, south of center of Route 161 and north of West Case Road.

The land is publicly owned and currently tax-free. The airport, also known as Don Scott Field, is run by Ohio for education and research, but is also open to businesses and individuals using commercial aircraft.

On Thursday, the Ohio Trustees will decide to sell a small portion of the land, approximately 1.44 acres, for $ 500,000 to Dave Fox Remodeling Inc., an adjacent company located at 3505 W. Dublin-Granville Road. ..

Overall, however, the airport assets are expected to remain unchanged for the time being.

Ohio State University spokesman Ben Johnson told Dispatch on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Dublin school officials said the deal signed on Tuesday had brought stability to the family.

“The agreement made in 2016 gave Dublin City School a permanent and stable border,” district spokesman Doug Baker told Dispatch via email on Tuesday before the vote. “We are grateful that this agreement provides security for more than 5,000 students living in the city of Columbus at Dublin City School.”

As of this year, the win-win agreement with Columbus City School still includes eight school districts: Canal Winchester, Globeport Madison, Hamilton, Gahana Jefferson, New Albany, Westerville, Hilliard and Southwest. I’m going.

However, with Westerville, Hilliard and Southwestern decided to retire after that year in 2016 and have made individual agreements with Columbus, the number will soon drop to five.

In the meantime, the rest of the district will review the deal in 2022.

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