Not only a catchphrase. The philosophy behind Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s ‘It’s what it’s’: The Wake Up podcast


CLEVELAND, Ohio – For Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, “it is what it is” has a certain meaning.

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Jackson says people should interpret the common saying as a sign of surrender, at least not from him. Instead, Jackson says it is a statement that he is being guided by reality and taking a pragmatic approach to problem solving and decision making. Not everyone wants to hear it, but it worked for Jackson over a 30 year career. In Cuyahoga County, this is good news for property owners. A fee of 5% for property taxes can be waived if the invoices have not yet been received by post. And two more names appear to seek the seat of U.S. Senator Rob Portman in 2022.

Listen Editor Chris Quinn discusses these and other stories on the Wake Up Podcast.

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