Monday morning climate forecast Youngstown, Ohio


SUNDAY MORNING: This morning clear and cool. Temperatures in the upper 20’s.

SUNNY SUNDAY: Mostly sunny skies for Sunday with a warmer day in the low to mid 60s.

NICE WEATHER CONTINUES IN THE WEEK: Mid-30s for Sunday to Monday morning. Clear sky. Mostly sunny Monday with a high in the mid-60s. Mostly clear and low Monday nights in the upper 30’s. Increasing clouds for Tuesday. High in the upper 60s.

RAIN CHANCES FOR MID WEEK: Slight shower probability Tuesday night, low in the upper 40s. Isolated shower probability and partly sunny Wednesday. Warm, high in the low 70s. Wednesday evening cloudy with an early evening shower. Low in their upper 40s. Afternoon showers for Thursday. High in the upper 60s.

Nice Saturday with a shower Chance Sunday: Friday we will see a few showers. High in the upper 50s. Cloudy and cool Friday evening. Low in the upper 30’s. Mostly sunny Saturday. High in the upper 50s. Isolated shower chance on Sunday, with a warmer high in the upper 60s.