MLB analyst: Albert Pujols ought to signal with Cleveland Indians


According to ESPN’s Eduardo Perez, the Cleveland Indians are the best landing spot for Albert Pujol’s first Baseman.

CLEVELAND – Editor’s Note: The video in the player above is from an earlier story.

After this He was released by the Los Angeles Angels on ThursdayMany seem to expect Albert Pujols to return to the team he spent in the first eleven – and best – years of his career, the St. Louis Cardinals.

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However, according to an MLB analyst, the Cleveland Indians are the best landing spot for the future Hall of Famer.

Former MLB first baseman and ESPN analyst Eduardo Perez, who appeared on MLB Network Radio, discussed what’s next for 41-year-old Pujols is expected to retire after the 2021 campaign. And, according to Perez, there is no better place for the 10-time All-Star to retire than in Cleveland when it comes to his fit on the field.

“I see the Cleveland Indians fit best with Albert Pujols going there,” said Perez. “Not just because Pujols can probably be an upgrade [Jake] Bauers and [Yu] Chang with what they do, but at the same time this is a team that will be competitive in a division that will remain competitive and I don’t see a team that will run away with it. “

What is best for Albert Pujols?@ PerezEd explains why it can be in the 216:

“It would really give the Cleveland Indians a spark.”

– MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM (@MLBNetworkRadio) May 7, 2021

In Perez’s view, the Indians are currently in first place in the American League Central Division and are entering the series this weekend, with the Cincinnati Reds claiming a 17-13 record. Cleveland’s success comes despite the early battles of the first base move by Bauers and Chang, neither of whom have established themselves as reliable everyday players.

While Pujols is barely the same player he was early in his career, it’s worth noting that his batting average of .198 and OPS of .622 this season are higher than Bauers and Chang, while having more homers (five) and scored RBIs (12) as both players together. Perez, who played for Cleveland in 2006, noted that Pujols’ affordability and veteran presence only help make him attractive to the Indians.

“You just have a team that worked just under $ 100 million last year, now it’s $ 54 million. Let’s not forget, you add Albert Pujols, all you have to pay is the pro-rated veteran minimum. So that’s it won’t be gambling because you are already upgrading, even if it is minor.

“And for an older player like Albert Pujols, a place to play with Terry Francona who understands how to interact with seasoned players, that would really give the Cleveland Indians a spark. I think the Cleveland Indians are the best.” Place for Albert Pujols. “